About this site

Childhood of Christ - Gerrit van Honthorst

The Guardians of Tradition is devoted to building up Christian culture by teaching Christians the skills the secular world uses to advance their cause while living a truly Christian lifestyle based on the teachings of the Christ and his Church. This site aims to be a Christian 'self help' blog and will provide draw from the wisdom of Scripture and Tradition, the Fathers of the Church, Magisterial documents, but also from modern psychology and science.

Christians are told to be in the world but not of it(Jn 17:15-21). As creatures of God, the earth is our home—we were made to guard and keep it(Gen). This divine command guarding and keeping includes the tradition(Latin for handing on) that we were given.

We have traditions that were given to us and these traditions whether by word of mouth or by letter (Paul's letter) we are to hold steadfast. The traditions are not only those of the faith but all things that add to the Glory of God. (Phil 4:8) We are taking the Gold out of Egypt and we are using it for the glory of God and handing it on.

Therefore the authors of this site write articles The aim of this site

  • about catholic traditions and their usefulness for the spiritual life
  • we also write about life hacks and things every Catholic should know and things every young catholic should know to live with greater security.
  • a commentary on secular culture from a catholic perspective
  • we will write about finance, parenting, health and fitness, education, and business.
  • We are also trying to hand on Catholic traditions.
  • To help others see the bad traditions that have crept into society from the philosophies of the villains of the modern world

We are not only putting out ideas but we want to provide practical steps and help to accomplish this goal.

The Church today is very divided. This is apparent by the many names Catholics call themselves: Charismatic-Catholic, Traditional-Catholic, Cafeteria-Catholic, Liberal-Catholic, Progressive-Catholic, Conservative-Catholic, Neocon, Resistance, etc. This is not good. We need to be united as we are meant to be united. Christ said that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand and one has only to look at the many nations with civil unrest to see this is true.

The Church is in critical condition; the numbers of attendees at Sunday Masses are dwindling; Catholics are converting to other protestant religions or are losing their faith completely; Meanwhile, the prelates and pontiff are causing confusion by their words and actions. Could all this be because of a lack of understanding of the articles of faith? Knowledge is not the problem, as we live in a time where information can be accessed with the click of a button. But if one has all the knowledge in the world but does not know how to use it, it is of no use to him. People need to know the faith, but they also need to know why, and how to practice that faith which it seems we have lost.

The early Christians lived in small communities. Because of this, the faith was kept alive despite persecution. Wherever you find strong adherence to a particular belief you will almost always find a strong community, for example, religious orders, Hasidic Jewish communities, Muslim communities, black communities, etc. Globalization has caused many people of differing beliefs to be intermingled with each other thus making it harder to come together and support one another in that belief. Catholics need a community to come together, support one another, share ideas and develop our mutual interests.

With this blog, we want to unite Catholics and we want to enrich Catholic lives with the beauty of our religion and its traditions. We want to encourage the building of Catholic communities and give practical ways to do this. We want to empower Catholics with knowledge both secular and religious in order to build these communities.

Finally, our name comes from the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes. Pope Francis published this document which caused heartache for many Catholics attached to the traditional mass. We are trying to promote the true meaning of guardians of the tradition by helping other Catholics understand the importance of tradition and the reason why we value it so much. We need a strong catholic community and we need to help each other hold on to the traditions whether by word of mouth or by letter.